It’s been a tough couple of weeks.

Two Fridays ago, my dog Mister Benji was diagnosed with hemangiosarcoma, an aggressive cancer that means he won’t be with us for longer than a few months.

He’s not a young dog — his 14th birthday is in November — so I knew…

At the end of last week, I was invited to write a piece sharing an artist’s perspective on a harsh new scheme to charge musicians to perform their own work during live-streams, the “small online live concert licence”.

I used this opportunity to try and put into words the magic…

Sometimes I wonder why I spend my time in the ways I do. A life’s primary occupation builds up through an infinitesimal series of decisions — what we wanted to be when we grew up, which subjects we chose at school, what the careers advisers told us we could aim…

Laura Kidd

Mindful productivity, digital minimalism, creativity and music. Solo artist Penfriend, “Attention Engineer” podcast host. She/her.

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