17th January is “Forget New Year’s Resolutions Day”. Did you know that?

I believe everyone has the power to tweak and improve their lives, but there’s a far better way than proclaiming “New Year, new me!” on the 1st January and then giving up just 16 days later.

Let’s talk.

Don’t read the comments…I’ve heard this so many times! So is it good advice or just a pile of rubbish? Let’s discuss…

I think people who say “don’t read the comments” are missing the point of the internet.

Would you turn up to a party, give a big speech…

It’s been a tough couple of weeks.

Two Fridays ago, my dog Mister Benji was diagnosed with hemangiosarcoma, an aggressive cancer that means he won’t be with us for longer than a few months.

He’s not a young dog — his 14th birthday is in November — so I knew…

Laura Kidd

Mindful productivity, digital minimalism, creativity and music. Solo artist Penfriend, “Attention Engineer” podcast host. She/her.

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