Taking small steps

Laura Kidd
2 min readJan 14

Comics class has been cancelled due to lack of interest, and my Zoom H6 Handy recorder won’t turn on. I managed to wipe the battery compartment clear of crusty white goo, but it was too late. The damage was done. Game over. I had some luck selling broken cameras on eBay a few years ago so I’ll see what I can get for the remains.

In 2022 I would have taken these slights personally; 2023 and I are just getting to know one another.

I keep forgetting about having had Covid. How lucky is that — I am so thankful that TOUCH ALL THE WOOD its obvious effects have already gone. I started the year gently, with daily yoga and meditation, but this week I went on three very huffy-puffy runs and am getting back into Blogilates routines.

I feel like a different person.

This morning (Saturday) I tried to sleep in past my 6am alarm, but just lay there wide awake thinking about writing and working out. So…I got up, worked out, and am writing.

I’ve written every day since 3rd January. Three longhand pages of whatever blah blah blah comes out of my brain first thing (aka Morning Pages), plus 30 minutes of timed writing in another notebook, sitting at my desk under the window. It’s still dark outside, and completely quiet, and the leaves from my Monstera plant make silhouettes against the slowly brightening sky.

Quiet is the thing I crave most, these days.

It’s important to me that these sessions are analogue, because I always have something to show for them. The delight I feel looking at the photo at the top of this post is incalculable — and nerdy. I made those squiggles! I had those thoughts! I put the time in! I can do this.

I’m doing it. Taking small steps.

What small steps have you started taking in 2023?

Originally published at https://penfriend.rocks on January 14, 2023.

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