Yes, we made these costumes ourselves…

Laura Kidd
2 min readFeb 12, 2023

I’d had this video idea in mind for months, and when it came time to make it a reality the timing was perfect.

New Year, new outlook. It was time to throw off the bad bits of 2022 and be as utterly silly as we liked. Who cares?

I’m a porcupine! You’re a porcupine!

The song is about defensiveness (particularly on the internet); our seemingly innate urge to throw up our spikes right away to defend ourselves by caricaturing the opposition, magnified by addictive media.

We’re told “there’s nothing new under the sun”…bring me another song containing the words “erethizontidae” and “hystricidae” accompanied by a video featuring a cardboard robot party in the local village hall and I’ll agree with you!

I’m a porcupine!

PS the last few “I’m a Porcupine” tees are for sale here.

PPS the only reviews I care about are from music fans…here are some words on “Porcupine”:

“Damned fine. Catchy, driving tune allied to pleasingly daft day-go visuals” — author Ian Rankin



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